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Fertility Factor 5 Reviews – Scam or Legit? Ingredients Exposed!

Fertility Factor 5

Fertility Factor 5

Infertility is a problem that affects a staggering 15 percent of all couples throughout the world, as indicated by data that was recently made public by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in the United States of America. In order to put this into perspective, the aforementioned number corresponds to 48.5 million couples, the male members of which constitute the primary cause of the occurrence of fifty percent of all cases.

On a more technical note, researchers believe that issues such as hormone imbalances or blockages (in one’s male reproductive organs) might result in infertility. In fact, the actual source of the problem cannot be discovered in approximately fifty percent of all male-related cases of infertility cases. Having said that, the primary problem for somewhere between 15 and 20 percent of males is an absolute deficiency in their sperm count.

In this regard, VigRX Fertility Factor 5 (FF5) can be thought of as an all-natural male fertility supplement that is non-invasive and has the potential to deliver efficacious results in a period of just two to three months. In addition, it can be thought of as a male fertility supplement that contains no artificial ingredients. According to the team that works at VigRX, each of the active components that are found in the product has been put through rigorous clinical testing and found to have no unfavorable effects on the human body when used over an extended period of time.

What Is Fertility Factor 5?

A supplement known as VigRx Fertility Factor 5 is available for the treatment of male infertility. This is a healthy supplement that has been tested scientifically to assist in making a recovery from the disorders that are associated with infertility issues. This aids in the release of a high number of sperm and serves to increase the development of sperm activity in males.

This capsule has been particularly developed and improved to promote healthy, productive fertility in females. The supplement is made up of five different components, each of which contributes to the process of healing from disorders related to infertility. The development of this product was directly related to the goal of resolving the sensitive issue that makes a face in their sexual lives. In addition, problems with fertility can develop into a complex situation that puts a person at risk of being harassed in sexual encounters and leads to emotional and mental illness as a result of the experience. If you want to steer clear of a scenario like this one, it is in your best interest to treat any problems with your fertility at the appropriate time by taking this supplement.

How Does Fertility Factor 5 Work?

This supplement, which is sold under the brand name VigRx Fertility Factor 5, is made using a recipe that calls for five different components. The conditions under which males can become fertile are targeted for improvement by this product. It is made up of completely natural components that have no negative side effects whatsoever. When taken by males, the supplement begins to exert its effects by carrying out the following activities:

  • As a consequence, it leads to an increase in the desire for guys.
  • It has the effect of increasing the total number of sperm.
  • It improves the overall quality of the total sperm count.
  • In addition to this, the morphology of the sperm improves.
  • Because of this, the motility of male sperm is increased as a result.

You can consult with a healthcare professional if you have any questions or concerns about the operation of this product or any worries about infertility, whether it be about the count of low sperm or the poor mobility of sperm. They will be able to provide you with additional information.

Fertility Factor 5 Ingredients

According to the research team at VigRX, their most recent offering is packed with three primary components, all of which have been described below, in addition to various ancillary agents. These components, when combined in the right amounts, might be able to provide a number of advantages to men in terms of their reproductive health:


To put it another way, LJ100 is an extract that has been granted a patent and was developed by the research team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From a therapeutic aspect, when LJ100 is taken in certain quantities, it can increase a person’s numerous sperm parameters (such as quality and production rate) in a period of just three months. This is a rather short amount of time. Also, according to a study that was published in the Asian Journal of Andrology in the year 2010, LJ100 has the ability to strengthen one’s reproductive centers, making it significantly simpler for couples to conceive a child.

In terms of the ingredients that make up LJ100, each portion of this trademarked extract includes a natural plant extract that comes from the Eurycoma Longifolia plant. This extract is more generally known as Tongkat Ali throughout Asia. To inform any of our readers who might not be aware, the ingredient Tongkat has been incorporated into the formulation of a great number of traditional remedies that are aimed at enhancing the sexual health of men (i.e., libido, increased stamina).

Having said that, one of the things that set LJ100 apart from other products on the market is the fact that it was manufactured utilizing a patented processing technology that has the potential to significantly boost the effectiveness of Tongkat Ali.

Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng is a potent herbal substance that has been utilized in the creation of a variety of traditional Chinese medicines throughout the years. This is something that most of our regular readers are probably already aware of. This is due to the fact that the herb is endowed with a number of advantageous aphrodisiacal characteristics in addition to reproductive enhancement properties.

Finally, from a medical perspective, it is important to point out that it is worth emphasizing that this natural plant extract, when taken on a daily basis, may be able to assist boost one’s sperm count as well as one’s stamina in the bedroom.


According to research that has been published over the course of the last decade or so, zinc may be able to play a significant role in improving the natural reproductive mechanisms of an individual. To be a bit more explicit, clinical tests have demonstrated that the majority of men who struggle with reproductive issues have deficient amounts of this essential mineral. In addition to this, there is evidence to suggest that zinc plays a significant part in improving the general functionality of the male reproductive system, particularly in terms of the rate at which sperm mature.


In a manner quite similar to that of its aforementioned counterpart, selenium, too, has the potential to provide users with a variety of benefits related to reproduction. These benefits include an increase in sperm population, motility, shape, and volume, as well as an improved libido. In addition to this, the mineral collaborates with zinc to assist boost the circulation of blood throughout our bodies, which in turn enables proper nutrient delivery to all of the essential reproductive organs.


It’s possible that some of our regular readers are already familiar with the fact that BioPerine is essentially a patented version of black pepper with the goal of increasing the body’s natural capacity for absorption. What this essentially indicates is that the addition of BioPerine to the supplement is likely to result in an increase in the efficacy of the supplement’s other primary components. Last but not least, a number of clinical investigations have shown that the use of BioPerine is safe and has been examined to determine whether or not it is effective over the long term.

Fertility Factor 5 Benefits

Many couples who tried to have children but were unable to do so owing to male infertility are turning to the fertility supplement VigRx Fertility Factor 5, which has gained a lot of popularity recently. Because their partners were unable to conceive, pregnancy was difficult to achieve for a great number of women. They have said that this product has worked miracles for them. Check out the things that are listed below if you are interested in learning more about the advantages of utilizing this product:

  • Existence of necessary components of nutrition: This item contains a number of important nutrients, such as selenium and zinc, among others. These two minerals have a strong connection to the challenges that men face in terms of their fertility. Zinc is an indispensable nutrient that has a role in improving male fertility and the movement of sperm. Low selenium levels are common in men who struggle with infertility, accounting for up to forty percent of cases. Because of the product, your body will be able to benefit from an adequate level of selenium. These two minerals have been shown to be beneficial in a number of ways, including the count of sperm, the form of sperm, the volume of semen, and so on.

  • Compatible with a variety of additional dietary supplements: People’s primary concern regarding the use of VigRx Fertility Factor 5 is typically centered on the question of whether or not it is dangerous to take the product in conjunction with any other type of supplement or tablet. The vast majority of male enhancement pills and other pills come with the restriction that they are ineffective when combined with any other supplement. However, you are free to combine this dietary supplement with any other tablets you could be taking, whether for male enhancement or some other purpose.

  • Maintains the healthy mobility of sperm: If you are a man who is having difficulty conceiving a child, it is possible that the problem is due to low sperm motility. It is common practice to define motility as the capacity of an organism to continue moving. When you begin using the VigRx Fertility Factor 5 tablets, you will notice that the motility of your sperm has improved to a healthy level. This may be something that helps your fertility recover in a positive way.

  • Effective in terms of raising the total number of sperm: It is common for men to have significant problems with their fertility because they have a low sperm count. If you are also dealing with this kind of issue, you could be open to the idea of locating a natural solution to the situation. Your sperm count can be successfully increased by taking a natural product like VigRx Fertility Factor 5, which works as a fertility booster.

  • Aids in the healing process following male infertility: For men who struggle with infertility, it might be challenging to make a fertile woman become pregnant in the first place. The condition known as male infertility can be brought on by a number of factors, including a low sperm count, low quality of the male sperm, or other issues linked with the quality of the male sperm. Under these circumstances, it is extremely challenging for men to start a family of their own. This also has a negative impact on guys, as it makes them emotionally fragile, which in turn leads to a loss of confidence. It is recommended that men begin taking the VigRx Fertility Factor 5 supplement in order to recover from the state of infertility. This pill works as if magic to help men recover from illnesses that can cause infertility.

Fertility Factor 5 Side Effects

When you use VigRx Fertility Factor 5, you won’t have to worry about encountering any difficulties. However, this does not provide sufficient evidence to conclude that VigRx Fertility Factor 5 is a risk-free product. You should talk to your primary care physician or a specialist in alternative medicine before using any dietary supplements.

There is no shadow of a doubt that the production of VigRx Fertility Factor 5 is conducted in accordance with all applicable health and safety requirements. You will receive documentation regarding the date and location of its creation along with the supplement that you purchase.

Fertility Factor 5 Pricing

When talking about the price of VigRx Fertility Factor 5, there are different options available for monthly supplies. Though there are certain discounts available at the retail price. You can choose any of the following supplies:

We have a money-back guarantee for 67 days. You can use our product for 60 days, and if you don’t find it satisfactory or useful, then you can return the unused supplement after 67 days of your purchase date. In this plan, we have a trial period of 60 days, and one week is for the delivery return. You can avail of a 100% refund on the product price, which excludes the handling or delivery charges.

We make a guarantee as we are aware our customers would love using this product. With the VigRx Fertility Factor 5, customers have reviewed positive feedback. If you want to avail of the refund, do not make any shipping after the completion of 60 days. Once the return period of 60 days is over, we won’t accept any returns in any condition.

If you’re returning the product, it must reach our warehouse location within 67 days of your purchase date without any delays.

Don’t feel worried about our products and give them a try. However, our money-back guarantee or refund policy is limited to one-time per user.

Fertility Factor 5 Customer Reviews

Brian: “If anything like a magic pill existed, then VigRx Fertility Factor 5 is the one. It didn’t only helped me heal from fertility issues but also helped me gain my confidence again. I was always in fear of fertility before having intercourse with my partner. This feeling made me weak emotionally. I just started using the supplement for a month, and I can see the results. I never thought of getting such a wonderful supplement to recover from infertility. It helped me improve my sexual life. Now, I feel the sex drive for my partner, and I’m happily satisfied with the results. It is a great supplement and won’t give you any ill-effects. My wife is pregnant, and we are a happy couple now. Order your VigRx Fertility Factor 5 tablets now.”

David: “My partner was always disappointed with me at times of intercourse. I had the feeling of low confidence with my partner. I had been so weak mentally due to the feeling of poor fertility. I had always used many pills to heal from the condition but never got any satisfactory results. My wife always failed to conceive due to my fertility issues. It was my friend who recommended me to try VigRx Fertility Factor 5 once. I didn’t believe that it would help me and would be a waste like other pills. But the product comes with a 60 days refund trial, so I brought it. I can’t believe in my eyes that the results were so quick. I was so happy with my decision to order VigRx Fertility Factor 5. This was an amazing experience using the product.”

Fertility Factor 5 Conclusion

The VigRx Fertility Factor 5 is an excellent solution for the treatment of infertility in men who want to take charge of their own reproductive health. Despite the fact that you shouldn’t use this product in place of a consultation with your primary care physician, it might be worth a try. This product is made up entirely of natural components, each of which contributes to the overall well-being of the male body. When you are thinking about starting a family, this may be an excellent thing for you to use. It is the ideal solution for helping you improve the quality of your sperm so that you may get out of stress thinking about conceiving a child.

There is no question that a large number of treatments are available that are associated with the natural restoration of male fertility. However, the chances are not 100% certain for males in general. Others might be dealing with a different issue, while some might be experiencing a particular condition. The VigRx Fertility Factor 5 is an excellent product that can help with a variety of sperm-related issues, including low sperm count, low sperm quality, and low sperm motility.

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